Radio Promotion Packages

Galaxy Class Entertainment combines old-school and new-school marketing services. Successfully marketing your music to radio stations and beyond. Radio promotions are essential to any marketing campaign. For established or independent bands or artists. Because it can help you with your bookings, Internet sales, social media exposure, and other essential marketing situations that will define if your career is successful or not.

Some of our clients, past and present

Our experience does not limit us to one genre. We work with any genre of music as long as the band or artist has some kind of established track record and at least a minimal fan base in their local area. Our radio promotions team has successfully worked with artists such as Warrant, Enuff Z’Nuff, Jimmy Van Zant, the Electric Boys, and Prodigal. Currently, we are working with Creation V, Nina Skyy, and Rome Lucio.

The clients mentioned here represent genres ranging from country, rock, Christian, and hip-hop to jazz. Our specialty is promotion campaigns. Our team has completed radio promotion campaigns for major record labels, as well as independent recording and production companies. We have decades of experience in this business. The team has charted recordings on reputable independent record charts. Such as MTV and CMT. We are currently developing campaigns for various Internet radio charts. If you are serious about advancing your career or increasing your record company’s bottom line, we can certainly help you.

Galaxy Class Entertainment Inc. specializes in radio promotions to radio stations in the United States and overseas. Our team has worked with major label clients and many independent artists and labels. Currently, we are looking for promotion accounts with established major or independent record labels. Bands or solo performers that have at least a local track record in their area. All genres and all styles are welcome. Please submit your material for review and one of our representatives will contact you promptly upon receipt of the submission of your material. 

Radio Promotion Campaign Packages
Galaxy Class Entertainment offers several radio promotion campaigns. During each of the promotions listed here, we are in constant contact with the radio stations. Either by phone, email, or video chat. We have worked hard to develop strong relationships with radio stations in the US and across the world to give our clients more opportunities for success.

Regional Promotion
We use this promotion plan when the client wants to increase bookings in any region of the United States. This type of promotion involves working with primary and non-reporting radio stations. Pricing for our regional radio promotions have contract lengths ranging from five, seven, and twelve month options.

National Promotion
This promotion campaign involves working with chart-reporting radio stations in the US and Canada. Our team is currently working with BDS and media base stations, along with many other national and reputable international charts. Such as Billboard, Music Row Magazine, and many others, depending on the genre of your music. Pricing for our regional radio promotions have contract lengths ranging from five, seven, and twelve month options.

Overseas Promotion
Our team can present your songs to radio stations in the UK and some parts of Eastern Europe to get more exposure for your project overseas. Pricing for this radio promotion campaign has a six-month contract. We will present your music to any reputable music charting system in foreign countries that would benefit your project.

Combinations Campaigns
We can do any combination of the mentioned campaigns depending on the needs of the artist or the record label involved. We will price combination campaigns based on your needs for the project. 

After the first 30 days from the start of the campaign, our clients will receive weekly airplay tracking reports. These reports will show where you are getting play, how much play you are getting, and whether your artist needs to do an interview. Contact us for details and pricing. We will customize a radio promotion campaign that fits your needs. Our radio promotion team is here with you every step of the way. We work with you in understanding these reports and how to use the results to your advantage. One of our team members will contact you every week to answer ‌questions and review any details during your promotion campaign.

Song Submission Procedures and Policies
You must agree to these policies before we can start any radio campaign.
Please make sure that your song meets the following requirements:

1 Submit an EPK and your website.

2 Submit your song (s) in MP3  and Wav format.

3 Ensure all songs have ISRC and UPC codes embedded in the recording.

4 You must copyright all songs.

5 You must register all songs with performance rights to organizations such as ASCAP or BMI or the appropriate foreign P.R.O.
You must also register with the appropriate P.R.O.

Please send an accompanying email with your files so we can contact you.   

Include the information mentioned here. Along with exact song titles, exact composers’ names, publishing companies, and record labels.
Also, ‌include any other information requested by Galaxy Class Entertainment for your project to be submitted. 

Contact us for a consultation about your future promotion plans.
You can send information and your music through our contact request form on our website, email, or call us directly. 

One of our representatives will be happy to discuss your radio promotion plans and options as well as pricing for promoting your project. Please click the button on this page and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss how we can customize your radio promotion and marketing campaign. We look forward to hearing from you.