Mission Statement

Our Mission at Galaxy Class Entertainment is to assist established and new talent in the areas of artist management, music publishing, recording production, radio promotion as well as social media promotion. The staff at Galaxy Class Entertainment has been involved with the music industry for several decades.  With our philosophy of combining old-school and new-school approaches to the industry, we help our clients become successful.

We assist our clients in many ways and on a per project basis with our techniques of marketing and business practices. We assist our clients while giving back to the community through charitable events and fundraising. In addition, we will be putting people to work on developing these fundraising events. We plan on employing physically challenged individuals and economically disadvantaged people by giving them meaningful jobs in the entertainment industry. This will be in the areas of telemarketing and event planning for entertainment and non-entertainment related purposes. This is our way of giving back to the community.

Our Services

Galaxy Class Entertainment offers a wide variety of services to cover all of your needs.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to use by phone or email with our contact form below.


Radio Promotion

As with all of our marketing services we customize a marketing program for you. We will do regional promotion, nationwide promotion to the US and even radio promotion overseas. Pricing starts as low as $500.00 per month for six months. Contact us via e-mail or phone for more details.


Recording Production

We work with recording studios all over the US. Click here to learn more...


Music Production

We have a team of producers with years of experience in the industry ready to help you write music or lyrics, lyrics to your music, our music producers work with quality musicians in the music industry.


CD Mastering

Our team of mastering engineers will help you master your CD that is broadcast and retail quality.


CD Manufacturing

Our team of CD manufacturers will give you the best looking package for your radio CD or for your retail album.


Music Publishing

We have 2 in-house music publishing companies. We will work with new and established songwriters in the areas of demo production and placement of songs. Click here for more details...


Social Media Management

Our Internet marketing department can meet your needs for website and social media tailored to fit you. Click here for more details...


Career Consulting Services

Need someone to help you in the planning of your career? Our in-house staff of industry professionals can help you. Click here for more details...


Music Business Course

We will be offering a music business course that will cover copyright forms to radio promotions and more. Click Here to learn more....


Galaxy Class Entertainment Radio

Galaxy Class Entertainment is launching our radio station. The station will be a great vehicle for new and established artists of all types. We will also be taking a unique approach to the station to broadcasts and interview music industry professionals, educators, and performers whenever we can. Click to Learn more...

If you have any questions about our services or would like to discus individual pricing options
Make sure to fill out the form below or contacts us by phone.

(615) 512-1741 Nashville

(407) 574-6988 Florida

Our Main office is located at

3936 S. Semoran Blvd. Suite 478
Orlando, FL 32822

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Announcement from the Galaxy. We are still having issues with getting the right software for our radio station to get things started. The reason we are having problems is we want to make a good experience here for our listeners our listeners will be a big part of our station and how it is programmed and we are looking for a specific type of software so that we at the station and our listeners can be ingrate Communications in fully integrated hopefully we will find the right package to serve our needs and our station listener needs by the middle of this week. Please be patient and please stay tuned for a different kind of Internet experience for internet radio thank you for your kind patience we will keep you posted and we apologize for these delays. ...

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As I mentioned in a video post yesterday I will have the station up on July 15 I have been having problems with software but I think I have them straightened out stay tuned I apologize for any inconvenience and I ask all of you to be patient thanks in advance ...

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Couple of announcements from the Galaxy.

First of all we would like to thank all of you that have liked our page recently and for those of you that would like us to like your page please like us and we will return the favor.

Secondly we will most likely have the station up on the 8th of July and it's going to be fun stay tuned! 🙂

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3 weeks ago

Galaxy Class Entertainment inc.

Update on employment opportunities! ...

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Announcement from the galaxy here is an update now we are a certified travel agency. Now we can book our clients gigs and handle their travel arrangements at the same time just another way that Galaxy Class Entertainment Inc. can put your creation into your world and beyond.

If you are not a galaxy client and you want to book travel through us we will be there to assist you as well.

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