Galaxy Class Entertainment Radio
Is launching our radio station. The station will be a great vehicle for new and established artists of all types. We will also be taking a unique approach to the station to broadcasts and interview music industry professionals, educators, and performers whenever we can.
We invite you to submit your music to our station for consideration for airplay. All genres are welcome your music must be copywritten and professionally recorded, mixed and mastered. Your music can be submitted in the form of MP3 files. Please note any song that does not follow the above requirements will NOT be considered for airplay.
This new station is also giving an opportunity for artists and businesses to advertise themselves at very reasonable rates. We invite you to inquire about our station send us your material and let us help you further your career. With our radio station and other services, Galaxy Class Entertainment can put your music into your world and take it beyond to the next level.
Please submit all inquiries about our radio station or any of our other services through our contact request form. We look forward to hearing from you and we are excited about the possibilities of working together.