We will be offering a music business course for people of high school age and older. This course will cover copyright forms, artist management functions, different forms of marketing, music publishing and radio promotions. This course is designed to meet the needs of new and upcoming as well as established performing artists. The course will be an on-line course on a one-on-one basis and/or small groups whenever possible. Pricing will be very affordable. We had galaxy class entertainment are dedicated to helping people further their entertainment careers and making them as profitable as possible but first you need a good working knowledge of the music industry in order to make it work for you. Michael Zdanowicz adjunct professor will be teaching the course. He has a bachelor of science degree in music management with a Masters degree in the entertainment business and over two decades of working experience in the industry. He has worked with both major-label recording artists and producers as well as independent projects. We welcome his experience and know that the course will be helpful to anyone at any level of the industry. For more information please go to our contact request form and one of our representatives will be in contact with you.